The group is recruiting graduate student for Fall 2023:

We are actively looking for prospect PhD and Master students who are interested in doing exciting science. All domestic and foreign applicants are welcome. PhD students will be fully supported. Master students are expected to be self-founded and many master students continue as PhD candidates.

The research in my group REQUIRES experience or interests in one or more of the following broad areas: physics, materials science or engineering, materials physics, materials chemistry, chemistry, chemical engineering, mechanical engineering (with materials specialty), mathematics, and data science. If you have matching background, please apply through UCR’s Mechanical Engineering, Materials Science and Engineering, or Physics programs and indicate your interests in joining my group.

Meanwhile, please email me your CV, transcripts, and publications (if any). I read all emails from prospective applicants but will only respond to those with proper background.


Additional Research Opportunity:

We are looking for undergraduate, master, and PhD students to work with Dr. Chen Li and Dr. Jun Sheng on an interdisciplinary project and develop a robotic optical probe for medical diagnosis. Students will gain experience in the design and fabrication of fiber optic devices and systematic integration with biomedical robots. Students may earn credits (e.g., ME190 and ME 290) or work towards a mater thesis through this research project. Candidates should have good hands-on skills, preferably with knowledge in optics. If interested, please contact us by emailing us your CV.