Update: Even with the current situation, we are still recruiting graduate student! For PhD. students who need to take remote classes initially, they will still receive fellowship. Both Spring and Fall 2021 applications are welcome!

We are actively looking for prospect PhD and Master students who are interested in doing exciting science. All domestic and foreign applicants are welcome. PhD students will be fully supported. Master students are self-founded.

The research in my group REQUIRES education/experience in one or more of the following areas: physics, materials science, materials physics, chemistry, chemical engineering, materials engineering, or mathematics/data science. If you have matching background, please apply through UCR’s Mechanical Engineering, Materials Science and Engineering, or Physics programs and indicate your interests in joining my group.

Meanwhile, please email me your resume, transcripts, and publications (if any). I read all emails from prospective applicants but you might not heard back if you do not have one of the backgrounds listed above.