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Munoz, J A; Lucas, M S; Delaire, O; Winterrose, M L; Mauger, L; Li, Chen W; Sheets, A O; Stone, M B; Abernathy, D L; Xiao, Y; Chow, P; Fultz, B

Positive Vibrational Entropy of Chemical Ordering in FeV Journal Article

In: Physical Review Letters, vol. 107, no. 11, pp. 115501, 2011.

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Lucas, M S; Munoz, J A; Mauger, L; Li, Chen W; Sheets, A O; Turgut, Z; Horwath, J; Abernathy, D L; Stone, M B; Delaire, O; Xiao, Y; Fultz, B

Effects of chemical composition and B2 order on phonons in bcc Fe–Co alloys Journal Article

In: Journal of Applied Physics, vol. 108, no. 2, pp. 023519, 2010.

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