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Su, Yaokun; Smith, Hillary L.; Stone, Matthew B.; Abernathy, Douglas L.; Lumsden, Mark D.; Adams, Carl P.; Li, Chen

Frustration-induced diffusive scattering anomaly and dimension change in FeGe2 Journal Article

In: Physical Review B, vol. 106, no. 024406, 2022.

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Smith, Hillary L.; Shen, Yang; Kim, Dennis S.; Yang, Fred C.; Adams, C. P.; Li, Chen W.; Abernathy, D. L.; Stone, M. B.; Fultz, B.

Temperature dependence of phonons in FeGe2 Journal Article

In: Physical Review Materials, vol. 2, pp. 103602, 2018.

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Wang, J J; He, C Y; Meng, L F; Li, Chen W; Han, R S; Gao, Z X

Magnetic levitation force between a superconducting bulk magnet and a permanent magnet Journal Article

In: Superconductor Science and Technology, vol. 16, no. 4, pp. 527-533, 2003.

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