ME 100A Thermodynamics

Prerequisite(s): MATH 010A, ME 018, PHYS 040B.

Introduces basic concepts and applications of thermodynamics relevant to mechan- ical engineering. Topics include work and energy,the first law of thermodynamics, properties of pure substances, system and control volume analysis, the Carnot cycle, heat and refrigeration cycles, the second law of thermodynamics, entropy, and reversible and irreversible processes.

ME 100B Thermodynamics

Prerequisite(s): ME 100A.

Topics include the second law of thermodynamics, entropy function, entropy production, analysis of cycles, vapor power systems, gas power systems, refrigeration and heat pump systems, equations of state, thermodynam- ic property relations, ideal gas mixtures and psychro- metrics, multicomponent systems, combustion, and reacting mixtures.

MSE 201 Thermodynamic Foundations of Materials

Prerequisite(s): graduate standing in Materials Science and Engineering or consent of instructor. MSE 201 online section; enrollment in the Online Master-in-Science in Engineering program. Covers the laws of thermody- namics and fundamental equations for multi-com- ponent elastic solids, electromagnetic media, and equilibrium criteria. Describes applications to solution thermodynamics, point defects in solids, elastic effects, phase diagrams, transitions, and interfaces. Includes nucleation theory, kinetics (diffusion of heat, mass, and charge), and coupled ows.