What's happening in the group


Bin Wei is visiting our group from Dr. Jiawang Hong's group in Beijing Institute of Technology for 6 months.

PhD and Master applicants wanted!

We are actively looking for prospect PhD and Master students who are interested in materials science, mechanical engineering, and physics. All domestic and foreign applicants are welcome. If you have background in materials science, materials physics, materials...


The group performed inelastic neutron experiment at PELICAN and TAIPAN at ANSTO (Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation) in March/April 2018.

Prof. Li Received NSF Career Award

Prof. Li is awarded the NSF Career Award titled "Anisotropic Suppression of Lattice Thermal Conductivity through the Interaction between Phonons and Thermal Magnetic Excitations" by the Thermal Transport Process program (CBET Division, Directorate for...